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Elevate is dedicated to helping improve lives by treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain.  We offer Ketamine infusion treatment to quickly address the symptoms of these serious conditions.  Located in Branson, Missouri, close to Springfield, MO Tulsa, OK and Fayettville, AR.

Feel Better Faster

Patients describe rapid results from treatments.   We will work with you and your physician to customize a treatment plan for you.

Ketamine is the Most Effective Treatment

When therapy and medications are not relieving symptoms, Ketamine infusion has been shown to help.  The results are fast and the duration of relief increases after each treatment.  Each treatment is about an hour. 

It is safe, simple and effective.  Infusions are performed by licensed medical doctors.


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At this time Ketamine Treatments are generally not covered by health insurance.  Treatments are elective and patients are responsible for full payment at the time of treatment.